The Human Experiences Project

This month I was fortunate enough to have participated in this amazing project by a fellow writer who shares my philosophy and outlook on the world around us all. Her name Liliya Chain and she manages the recently created website: Naked Aesthetic. On this website, she runs a project called Human Experiences and it is this project for which I am writing this.

I have never been completely open with anyone or anything. In fact, my friends and my family, would all agree that I am one of the more obscure people you’ll meet. I’m an introvert who usually tends to keep to himself but, it’s a new year and I have been through a lot of changes so, upon stumbling onto Liliya’s project, I saw an opportunity to start opening up and it has been liberating to talk about these things. In fact, it has been liberating to read about the other participants and their experiences. It has helped me learn more about myself and re-affirm everything I was just starting to doubt. It even helped me continue writing just as I was about to hit a halt in that creative flow.

Simply put, it’s a wonderful project and I hope you enjoy reading it. Show her support and like, share and subscribe to Naked Aesthetic, I also encourage any other artists, whether you are looking to spread the word about your work or simply looking to express yourself, to get in touch with Liliya and look into being a part of this project.

Without further ado, I present to you Naked Aesthetic.